Free Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Pro is email marketing software that lets you do free email marketing with your own email service.

You'll get professionally-designed templates and the ability to send email campaigns. It's perfect for someone just starting out with an online business or for the experienced email marketing guru.

Email marketing has these great benefits:

Email Marketing Pro is perfect for any business or website owner, and full of features to support your email marketing campaign.

More Features


Contact Management

Easily add contacts with a subscribe form, data entry screen, or import them from another program.

Campaign Wizard

The intuitive campaign wizard lets you choose a template, edit your email, and send your email marketing campaign.


Reports allow you to see what emails were sent, open, or clicked. Analyze your email campaigns to constantly improve your strategy.

Professional Templates

Our email marketing templates are created by an experienced graphic designer and will give your message a professional look.

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"I just wanna say thank you for this wonderful product... and keep up your good work and more power to your company... thank you again for this." -Terence P., Chicago, IL

"You can be most assured that I will certainly recommend your product to friends and family. -Jack H, Napa, CA"