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Email Validation

Validator Pro 2011 is email address validation software that quickly checks email addresses from your database or text file to determine if they are valid. Email Validator Pro is a powerful and reliable utiltity that will verify and keep your mailing list clean.

Every serious email marketer knows the importance of email validation. Without it, you risk having your email marketing service provider close your account for having too many bounce-backs. In addition, if you regularly perform email validation on your subscriber list, you save money on services that charge for each outgoing email.


Do you think making sure your mailing list is clean is a low priority task?

Think again. The average email address lasts only three years. And, a lot of subscribers to your mailing list may enter a phony email address. You wouldn't pay for a postage stamp to send a letter to someone who you knew didn't live at that address.

If you are using an email marketing service that requires you to pay for each outgoing email, you waste money sending to phony or expired email addresses if you do not first perform some type of email validation.

Worse yet, if your email marketing service provider or Internet Service Provider detects that you are sending a high volume of emails to invalid addresses, you could be blacklisted.

Sending your email campaign only to valid email addresses reduces the time and costs involved with sending emails to a large number of customers. Use Validator Pro for email validation and save money.


  • Clear your mailing list from having unverified email addresses, proactively decreasing your chance of getting your mail server blacklisted!
  • Decrease the Internet traffic and save your bandwidth which means you reduce your costs by focusing only on real prospects.
  • Easily import your current customer list from a text file or from your Email Marketing Pro database!
  • Verify multiple email addresses at once with multi-threaded functionality - connect to up to 25 mail servers at once!
  • Quickly and easily save the email validation results to a file.
  • Configure simple, intermediate, or advanced email verification - a big time saver.
  • Use simple mode to verify syntax only.
  • Use intermediate mode to verify syntax and a live mail server on the specified domain.
  • Configure accounts to log into major mail servers such as Yahoo! and Hotmail, so that you can securely verifiy email addresses in Advanced mode.


Email Validator Pro - Main Screen
Main Screen

Email Validator Pro - Main Screen
Configuration Screen

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