How to Write a Marketing Email

A marketing email differs from a newsletter or other type of business correspondence, in that you can use it as a tool for making a “hard sale.” That is, you’ll distribute a marketing email to have your recipients purchase something … Continue reading

Effective Email Marketing Strategy

As a business person, you are used to paying for advertisements and generating quick sales from them. So, a common mistake is to think of email marketing in the same way that you think of traditional forms of advertising. Marketers … Continue reading

Why Email Marketing?

With Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, and instant messaging available, a lot of small businesses and professionals — the complacent ones — question the effectiveness of email marketing. Couldn’t I just post a status update to Facebook instead of sending a … Continue reading

Get Email Addresses For Your Business

As a small business person or website owner, you’re probably limited on time and need to know the quickest way to get relevant email addresses to market your business. It’s worth your time, however to understand that there are right … Continue reading

6 Ways To Market For Free

When times are tough, budgets get cut. But there are a number of extremely powerful ways to market your business for free. Think of economic downtimes as an opportunity to invest time in free marketing. Efforts you put towards free … Continue reading

Call Now – An Overlooked Call to Action?

Do something. That’s the overall goal of any marketing material. You want your lead, prospect, or customer to do something….take an action in order to learn more about or make a purchase from your business or organization. If your marketing … Continue reading

Top 10 Keywords in Holiday Subject Lines

The holidays are approaching, and you’re sure to find a flurry of marketing emails in your inbox during this busy season. So how will you stand out from the flurry? To help with your email open rates over the holidays, we’ve conducted … Continue reading

Cyber Monday Email Marketing Template – 100% FREE

According to ABC News, more people shop on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday, with average sales being significantly higher. Lucky for online retailers, consumers prefer getting good deals in the quiet of their own home. Here are some more interesting facts, … Continue reading

5 Tips for Writing Opening Lines in Marketing Emails

Your marketing email clears a major hurdle when someone opens it. You’ve managed to write a compelling enough subject line for the recipient to click and read. Volumes of information exist about writing good subject lines. But, very few articles … Continue reading

Free Halloween Email Marketing Template

Halloween isn’t just a good excuse to eat too much chocolate.  It’s also a sweet time to promote your business by sending marketing emails to your customers. Any time you give your customers something of value, such as a special … Continue reading

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