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Features of Email Marketing Pro


Professional newsletters

Compose your newsletters using a visual HTML WYSIWIG Editor that allows you to preview what messages will look like web-friendly email clients. Import any email template from the web that's saved as an HTML file, or sign up for ProMail to receive premium templates made by our designer. We also offer custom design services. Personalization features let you address your subscribers by name or insert any other custom data you like. Insert a custom signature to stay CAN-SPAM compliant. Choose any language you like -- the composer supports character encodings for many different languages worldwide. Email both as HTML and Plain Text.

Manage Your Mailing List

Whether you're just starting with email marketing, or you already have a list of thousands of contacts, Email Marketing Pro makes it easy to manage your mailing list. Import contacts from Paypal, Gmail, or any other software that supports tab-delimited, or comma-separated files. Copy/paste your contacts from an Excel spreadsheet in seconds. Enter contacts one at a time from a hand-written list. Automatically subscribe new contacts using the built-in subscription form creator.


Send a Campaign of Any Size

Whether you want to use you own email service to send 50 emails a day, or use your ProMail account to send 1000s of emails at a time, Email Marketing Pro has the flexibility to adapt to your campaign. The campaign scheduler lets you set your campaign to run while your out to lunch. The smart sending engine stores messages in a queue so that if Email Marketing Pro shuts down, you can still send the remaining emails. Duplicate email addresses are skipped for each campaign. The campaign settings let you throttle your sending rate. The mail sending queue allows your to open multiple connections to the mail server, allowing maximum throughput. The bottom line: speed, reliability, and flexibility.

Analyze Your Campaign

See who opens your email in realtime with web-based reporting, when you sign up for ProMail. With the built-in reports, you can determine the effectiveness of your campaign with Campaign Sumary, Unsubscribe, Bounce, Send Success and Send Failure Reports. Adjust your strategy based on the results to become a more effective email marketer.