5 Ways to Stand Out Over the Holidays

During the holidays, customers get a lot of email and are bombarded with ads that compete for their attention. In addition, you’ll be competing with their time with family and friends.

During the holiday season, carve out your place in the market. Create an eye-catching and compelling reason for your customer to open your email, view your Facebook post or Tweet, and buy your product.

1. Think Benefits

It’s tempting to write a quick subject line that says “50% off Gifts” because it requires little thought and seems enticing. However, studies conducted at email marketing firms indicate that these subject lines are not effective because the recipients see them all the time.

A better way to stand out is to write subject lines that focus in on the benefits you are offering to the customer. For example, a subject line such as “A Generous Offer from My Company” will entice the reader to want to view what the offer is.

Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What does she want around the holidays? How about “10 Ways to Make The Holidays Special.” Or,  “Top 5 Last Minute Gift Ideas.”

2. Facebook Fun

A recent study by  Web Liquid found that you are 10% more likely to engage readers if you post to Facebook with an image. Also, if you have a call to action to “Like” a post, then you are 27% more likely to receive Likes.

Over the holiday season, your customers are likely to be on Facebook to chat with friends and family. Make sure to maintain fresh and interesting content during this time, and include great pictures and calls to action. This may also be a good time to focus on your relationship with your customer by sending a “social media email,” asking them to join you on Facebook.

And why not have some fun? A survey on Facebook  may be a simple way to bring your fans to your page. For example, you might ask “What do you love the most about the holidays?” Or, you could offer a Christmas game or coloring pages for the children.

3. Tweet Well

Twitter will be a hotspot over the holidays for people enjoying their down time. How can you stand out amongst the crowd? One way is to find good quality content that will be of benefit to your followers and post it.

Ask yourself, what value can I add to others during the holidays?  Can I make someone smile? Wish them well? Help them learn something new. A lesser used, but highly effective means of improving relations is to engage others. Has someone Tweeted something that you can offer more insight on, that you can thank them for? Reply and Retweet.

4. Send Cards

If you are a small business, then you have probably given thought to how you can compete with larger companies who take the majority of market share. More and more, customers are choosing small businesses because of their superior customer care. Even if your annual revenue does not depend greatly on the holiday flux, this is still a good time to thank your customers and wish them well. Any time you take to associate your business with good customer care is time well spent.

5. Decorate Your Pumpkin

This is the ideal time to remember the importance of good design. Incorporate a holiday section on your website to engage your visitors. Use professional templates in your emails to highlight the significance of your holiday message. Remember, your ability to sell depends on 70% the target list, 20% the offering, and 10% the design. Don’t overlook the importance of being professional and seasonal.