6 Ways To Market For Free

When times are tough, budgets get cut. But there are a number of extremely powerful ways to market your business for free. Think of economic downtimes as an opportunity to invest time in free marketing. Efforts you put towards free marketing can:

  • • establish your expertise in your field
  • • create long-lasting relationships with others
  • • generate additional forms of revenue
  • • stir your creative juices

In this article I’ll go over 6 ways to market your business for free.

Fusion Marketing

In tough times, other businesses are looking for creative ways to market as well. Work together with businesses that have a similar target market as yours, but aren’t direct competitors.

Approach the owner of another business and ask if they would be interested in exchanging flyers, banners, trading leads and traffic. Offer to feature the business in your blog or newsletter if they’ll do the same in return. You’ll generate business for each other, and it costs nothing to approach another business owner with this prospect.

Thinking Locally

It never hurts to put up a flyer or leave business cards at your favorite coffee shop. Nor does it hurt to pick up the phone and cold call other businesses in the area who will be interested in supporting another local business or in your ideas about fusion marketing.

Submitting Articles, Blog Writing, and Writing A Book

Establish your expertise in your field, so that future internet searches will drive traffic to your website. Obviously, you created your business or website because you are an expert at something. So, why not provide value to someone’s life by writing an article or book about the subject?

Ezine Articles at http://ezinearticles.com/ is an extremely popular place to submit articles in your field of expertise. Make sure that, in the footer of your article, you include an “author biography” with a link to your website.

And who knows, maybe you can create a book out of your articles, and the book you write will eventually generate another revenue stream? Try using the free Google keyword tool to get ideas for new articles.

Posting Comments On Blogs and Creating Link Bait

Posting comments on blogs provides a free link to your website. It can also be a way to establish your expertise in your field. Have you ever read a blog comment from someone and thought, “This person seems like they really know what they’re talking about. I wonder if they could help me with …”

Over time, the number of links to your website will grow and increase your ranking in search engine results. In addition, links from blogs are great ways to get “link juice” to your site. “Link juice,” is a term for the power of having other websites link to your website.

Why is it important to have links to your website? Search engines like Google will actually increase the position of your website in their search engine results, based on the number of links pointing to your website.

Issuing Online Press Releases

Is your business doing something for the community, like sponsoring a food drive? Or, do you have an innovative product or offering that you think is newsworthy? Create a press release and send it to the editor of your local paper, as well as using online (free) press release submission services.

Social Networking

Get on social networks! These are all free ways to generate awareness of your brand and increase traffic to your website. Needless to say, having people like your Facebook or Google+ page establishes your expertise in social circles. And just as important, it’s an excellent way to market new products to exisiting customers or encourage existing customers to share your content with their friends.

Send Emails
Why not start an email marketing campaign with Email Marketing Pro?


Dedicate some time each day towards free ways to market, and you’ll be miles ahead of your competitor in the long run. The relationships you create with other businesses, websites, and blogs will have real staying power in the online and offline community.