Call Now – An Overlooked Call to Action?

Do something.

That’s the overall goal of any marketing material. You want your lead, prospect, or customer to do something….take an action in order to learn more about or make a purchase from your business or organization.

If your marketing material doesn’t make someone want to take an action, form a relationship with you, buy from you…then what’s the point?

Call to action

Here are some example calls to action that should be included in EVERY marketing material you create:

1) Send for information
2) Call your 800 number
3) Visit your website
4) Place an order
5) Attend your event
6) Enter a contest
7) Refer a friend

An email is no different — it’s a marketing communication intended to create a desire in someone to do something.

But wait, are email marketers missing something?

This morning I began thinking about calls to action in marketing emails. And then, I began to think about the fact that 51% of emails are being read on mobile devices today.

That’s right 51%.

Everyone is rushing to make their emails and websites “mobile-friendly,” which is all the buzz.

But then, I thought, wait a minute…aren’t we missing something here? Why is the marketing email only sending customers to blogs and online stores? We’re on mobile devices…telephones.

What happened to “Call Now?”

If the intent of your marketing material is to form a relationship with a potential customer, and that potential customer is on a mobile device, then why aren’t more marketing materials geared to doing what that handheld device is intended to do…place a phone call.