Your Mailing List Is Your Gold Mine

Why You Need to Manage Your Mailing List Wisely

You’re excited about marketing your product or service.

So it’s tempting to hit the send button to get your marketing email out there quickly.

Hold on there. Because in the world of email marketing, you have an “email reputation,” just as your business has a reputation that’s spread by word of mouth.

Under normal circumstance your mailing list is your gold mine — rich with leads, prospects, and current customers from your target market.  But, if you’re not careful, it can also be fool’s gold.

And if your mailing list goes unmanaged, there’s the chance you could send to recipients who have opted-out, get spam complaints from recipients and, worst case, blacklisted by a major ISP or have your business’ email account cancelled. Can you afford not to be able to email your customers?

So, protect your email reputation, and be mindful of these best practices:

Keep Your List Clean and Shiny

People cancel email accounts all the time, as soon as 6 months nowadays. So, it’s important to make sure your email list is up to date and valid. Clean it frequenty of any email addresses that may tarnish your reputation.

The reason: if you send to bad email addresses, you look like a spammer. And, if you start getting labeled a spammer, you go into the spam folder.

TIP: You can remove a lot of invalid emails using Email Validator Pro, free with your ProMail Account. Validator Pro can check your email address’ domain name to make sure there’s an actual mail server on that domain — removing any totally bogus addresses that have made it into your list.


  1. Remove any addresses starting with support@ or webmaster@. The recipients at these addresses can get upset about spam.
  2. Segment your list by putting current customers in one group, and leads in another group, for example. This ensures that the recipients are receiving emails relevant to them.
  3. Consider deleting old email addresses altogether. Strike out the ones that never seem to give you any results and have some age to them. Concentrate on the here and now — your mailing list is a living document.

Run Checks Before each Campaign

It’s a must: check for bounces and unsubscribers before sending out a campaign.

Email Marketing Pro automatically scans your incoming email and unsubscribes recipients who have requested to be removed from your list.

Your never, ever, want to email someone who has opted out of your mailing list. Chances are, if they’ve opted out, and you accidently email them again, they will get annoyed and hit the button that says “This is SPAM.” Do you really want to be compared to canned meat?

Back Up Your Database

Your Email Marketing Pro database contains the subscriber preferences of your mailing list, so make sure to keep it backed up. You can do this under Help > Backup Database.

Strongly Consider Getting a ProMail Account

No, this isn’t just a sales pitch. We truly want our software users to enjoy worry-free mail sending, so we set up an intelligent outgoing mail system just for you. When you sign up for a ProMail with Email Marketing Pro , we act as your email sending agent.

Our mail servers are especially design to handle the complexities of sending high volumes of mail and will help you stay out of trouble.

They automatically provide email authentication (certificates that prove your identity as a mail sender), feedback loops that detect spam reports, bounce and complaint handling (fact: even the best email marketers get SPAM complaints).

The bottom line: you focus on marketing. We focus on complex world of getting commercial email delivered.

Some software companies will sell you their software and leave you on your own, offering you a free SMTP server to use with your software. That solution may last you a week or so unless you have a degree in computer science.

What they don’t tell you is that this solution can cause more harm that good depending on your sending habits and target market.

There’s a lot of know-how and management involved in sending marketing email safely and effectively, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, your mail server will get blacklisted.

And worse, your entire business identity could end up recorded in Spam Filters, and you would have to change your website address, business name, and email address just to send email again!

Our ProMail servers track who issues spam complaints, when an email bounced back, when a recipient unsubscribes. We signal you when you may need to adjust the text of your email or your strategy.

Thus, we protect your business identity, online reputation, and help you be a more effective marketer.

Ready to go Pro? See Option 2 on our upgrade page:

In the next lesson, we’ll talk about setting up your Subscribe Form, Importing Contacts, and other ways to get email addresses so that you can add the best kind of contacts to have in your mailing list — the ones who you know for sure are interested in you have to promote.