Email Validation Software – Email Validator Pro Released!

Email Validator Pro is now available for download. This simple and easy-to-use email validation software verifies the validity email addresses so that you can keep your mailing list clean.

This email validation software features simple, intermediate, and advanced email address validation. The simple validation checks syntax only, and is a great way to clear you mailing list of improperly-formed email addresses that may have gotten into your database by mistake. The intermediate validation is the most reliable and efficient. Intermediate email validation checks syntax and ensures that there is an active mail server on the domain. Advanced email validation does all of the above, and queries the mail server itself for the specified email address record. Advanced email validation may not always return correct results unless you have been doing validation for a while. The reason is that some mail servers, such as Yahoo’s and Hotmail’s will deny such email address record requests unless you have an active login to the server. Therefore, Email Validator Pro allows you to input your own account logins to these servers.

Email Validation Software is a must-have for any serious and dedicated email marketing professional. Most email addresses expire within three years, and you want to make sure that you have a clean mailing list. Otherwise, you could fall into the trap of sending emails to addresses that bounce back. If your mail server sees too many bounce backs, they could limit or even blacklist your account if the offense is sever enough. In addition, if your mail server has a quota that limits you to sending a certain amount of emails per hour or day, then you don’t want to waste resources on emails that will bounce back.

You can download the trial version Email Validator Pro at