Free Email Marketing Templates

When you purchase Email Marketing Pro Small Business, your product comes with free email marketing templates you can use to create professional-looking newsletters or announcements. These templates rely on background images to create their distinct styles. These background images must be stored on your web server or image host in order to appear correctly in the recipient’s inbox.

In this article, we will discuss two examples of how to use the free email marketing templates.

In the first example, we will assume that you own your own website and can upload files to it using an FTP client. In the second example, we will show how to use the templates if all you have is a free image hosting service to host your images. We will discuss using the template called Design1, which can be viewed here: Design1

Example 1 – When you own your own website and can host the templates there

We will imagine that your website is called and that you have created a folder on your web site called templates.

To use this template, follow these steps.

1) Upload the folder called “design1” to your web server.
2) Navigate to the template in your web browser by going to address
3) Select View –> Source. Copy the source code for the web page.
4) Open Email Marketing Pro and create a New Message. In the HTML Source of the new message, past the source code for the web page that you copied from the web browser.
5) Look for any instances where you can “plug in” your own web address. For example, any HTML tags for an image will be designated by the keyword “img src=” After the equal mark, you would type

Tip:  In Firefox, you can right-click an image and select “View Background Image” in order to open the complete URL of the image in your web browser.

Applies To: Email Marketing Pro Small Business