Get Email Addresses For Your Business

As a small business person or website owner, you’re probably limited on time and need to know the quickest way to get relevant email addresses to market your business.

It’s worth your time, however to understand that there are right ways and wrong ways to get email addresses, and you’ll do well to choose the right way, even if it’s a bit more time-consuming.

The reason why is that email marketing services today are privy to spammer’s techniques of harvesting or auto-generating email addresses and usually won’t tolerate a high number of bounced emails.

In addition, you’re wasting your time if your recipients aren’t interested in your offering. As with any form of marketing, email marketing needs to consider its target market — always remember that selling anything depends 70% on your target market, 20% on your offering, and 10% on your design.

You’ll be surprised at just how quickly and easily you can build your email address list the right way.

And, most techniques are not very time-consuming at all.  Here are a few of the most popular, and effective, ways to get email addresses:

1) Use a sign up sheet at your store – If you own a bricks and mortar store, you can offer a free gift or coupon in return for an email address. A popular retailer, for example, offers 10% off the customer’s next purchase when he or she leaves their email address. Or simply ask for the email address in return for your newsletter or some other valuable information, such as to stay updated on the latest deals.

For your convenience, we’ve put together a template you can use for getting email addresses in your bricks and mortar store.

Simply download, print, and cut the sign up forms out. There are two Template Styles available. One has individual business-card sized slips you can cut out. The other is a single sheet that allows multiple people to sign it.  We offer both a Word 2007 and PDF version.

Use your creativity to motivate your customers to sign up for your mailing list — it could be a free gift, coupon, or a newsletter.

2) Use a web form – Put a sign-up box prominently on the home page of your web site and offer something of value in return. This could include free tips, advice, a newsletter, a free e-Book, software, or access to an exclusive part of the website. Include a link to your privacy policy or a note that the web site visitor’s email address will not be sold or transferred.

3) Use coregistration – An often overlooked strategy to grow your mailing list is to use coregistration. Coregsitration is when you partner with another website to get email addresses. The partner site usually has a checkbox on their sign up form that allows visitors to agree to sign up for offers from their partners. The partner then sells the collected email address, usually at a very low rate. One respected website for partnering with other websites is

4) Include a link in your outgoing email – Always include a link to sign up to your newsletter or mailing list in the signature of your outgoing emails. It’s possible that a web visitor may contact you about your product without first registering on the website. In that case, it’s crucial to add this person to your mailing list, since they certainly qualify as a sales lead at that point.

5) Use a signup form on Facebook – Visitors to your Facebook page should be able to find a link to sign up for your newsletter very easily. Some businesses use welcome pages that require their visitors enter an email address in order to access special promotions exclusive to Facebook. These types of campaigns are highly effective, particularly when your Facebook visitor is given an offer they can’t refuse.

Can you think of any other ways to get email addresses? Leave a comment!