Images not showing up in your emails? Here’s how!

You can create rich, colorful emails by inserting any images you want into your outgoing emails using Email Marketing Pro.  But, you must ensure that the images you are using are hosted on a web server or file server that is accessible to the World Wide Web.

Email Marketing Pro does not support embedding images into emails. This means you cannot browse to an image on your hard drive, insert it into an email, and excpect any recipient on the World Wide Web to be able to view it. The reason why we do not support embedded images is because email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird treat these images as “inline attachments.” Security settings in the email clients can be configured to block all inline attachments, thereby, disabling the recipient’s ability to view the image at all.

What most serious email marketers do (see any email you get from large companies such as Target or KMart) is host the image on their web server. They will then set the source of the image to the web address of where the image is being hosted. This ensures that anybody on the web can view the image.

  1. Upload your image to your web server or image host. If you do not have a web server, you can use an image host such as
  2. Browse to your image on the internet. For an example, check out the following image being hosted on Photobucket: Click here to view the image See the web address of the image that appears in your web browser’s address bar?
  3. Insert the web address of the image into the picture source of the picture you insert into your email.