Meet Corey – She Saves 40% Using Email Marketing Pro

coreyAt first glance, Corey seems to be a shy young lady with a sweet smile. But, look beyond that and you’ll find that she’s a pretty savvy business person and a force to contend with if you’re competing with her in the local wine and beer market.

And when it comes to cutting costs to stay profitable, she can do it as shrewdly as any high profile CEO.  By switching to Email Marketing Pro, she has an email marketing solution that costs 40% less than what web-based email marketing providers like ConstantContact or MailChimp charge. That’s because Email Marketing Pro never charges for adding contacts to your mailing list.

A Free Giveaway to Grow Her Mailing List

When she started her wine and beer shop, she knew she would need to spend hours a day marketing in order to make her business stand out.

Luckily,  her city sponsors a monthly event that attracts a large number of customers who walk from store to store looking for deals.  Many of the customers only come to her side of town on that one night of the month. So, to keep them coming back, she decided to begin collecting their email addresses.

As an incentive, she held a drawing to give away a free $100 dollar bottle of wine. The potential customers needed only to enter their email address to win.  Her mailing list quickly grew from 250 potential customers to 3000 in just a few months.

Lured In By Web-Based Email Marketing

At first, she used a web-based email marketing service. She admits to being lured in by their free trial offer. But, when her list size grew, she found their prices to be a little steep for someone just starting out with email marketing. MailChimp and Contant Contact wanted $50 a month.

So, being savvy, she decided to try Email Marketing Pro, because Email Marketing Pro never charges for adding additional contacts.  After a few minutes, she had it set up and her list of customers imported. To create an attractive newsletter that was consistent with her website’s look and feel, she simply took a blank page from her website and copied and pasted it into the outgoing message.

Making The Switch To Email Marketing Pro, She Saves 40%

At first, she upgraded her copy of Email Marketing Pro to the pro version, using the “Software Only” option and began by sending out 200 newsletters per day, absolutely free. Her mail server only supported sending 200 free emails per day, but this was plenty to start with.

After her mailing list grew, she decided to spend a little extra and switch to our monthly plan. Our monthly plan comes with a free copy of Email Marketing Pro Small Business and allows her to send 10,000 emails per month (all at once, or over time). See option 2 under: Upgrading Email Marketing Pro

Because our bulk email service specializes only in sending email, it comes a lot cheaper than web-based email marketing applications that charge extra for storing contacts, reports, and many other bells and whistles Corey didn’t need.

For only $30 a month, our monthly plan allows her to send 10,000 emails, more than enough to send emails to her list three times a month.  “It works seamlessly with Email Marketing Pro,” she says with a smile. “And my newsletter goes out in seconds, without a glitch.”

Now, her loyal customers are coming again and again, as she advertises discounts on newly imported wine and beer. And, as an added bonus, she saves $30 every month – that’s $360 per year.

What does she do with the extra money? She invests in more wine, of course.

To save marketing costs, even as your email marketing efforts grow,  simply do what Corey did:

In an nutshell, here’s what she did: 1) Used Email Marketing Pro to send free emails each day with her current email account   2) When her mailing list grew, she signed up for a monthly plan .