Boost Your Sales With Our Black Friday Premium Email Template

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s crucial to make a lasting impression on your customers. Studies show that the quality of your email design is a major factor in your customers’ decision to purchase your product. So, we’ve partnered with … Continue reading

Enter to Win Email Marketing Pro for Free

Wecome to our Weekend Twitter Giveaway! Each weekend, one of our lucky Twitter followers will be chosen at random to receive a free copy of Email Marketing Pro Small Business, worth $99.98. To enter the contest, follow the two steps … Continue reading

Email Marketing Software Comparison – Web vs Desktop

Technology changes more quickly than the seasons, it seems. Gone are the days of entering commands at the DOS prompt, as are floppy disks, and 56K modems. Will the hard drive soon be gone too? Will we soon save all … Continue reading

Email Marketing on Mobile Devices – It’s a Good Thing

Have you ever gotten an email marketing message on your mobile device? What was the experience like? Did you delete it as soon as you saw the subject line? Or, did you delete it after you realized the images were … Continue reading

9 Tips For Holiday Success

Sleigh bells ring. Are you listening? As a business owner you should now be warming up for the Holiday season. For many retailers, both online and offline, a good portion of your income may depend on how you do in … Continue reading

5 Ways to Stand Out Over the Holidays

During the holidays, customers get a lot of email and are bombarded with ads that compete for their attention. In addition, you’ll be competing with their time with family and friends. During the holiday season, carve out your place in … Continue reading

Zen and the Art of Writing Subject Lines

Wouldn’t it be nice if every email you sent was read by your recipients? Or even better, if they click on your “call to action” and purchase something from your site? What if you knew some wonderful secret to make … Continue reading

Meet Corey – She Saves 40% Using Email Marketing Pro

At first glance, Corey seems to be a shy young lady with a sweet smile. But, look beyond that and you’ll find that she’s a pretty savvy business person and a force to contend with if you’re competing with her … Continue reading

How to Add a Facebook and Twitter Button to Your Email

With Email Marketing Pro, you’ll find that adding a Facebook or Twitter button to your outgoing email is actually an extremely simple process. Why pay monthly fees to an online service to do such simple things for you when you … Continue reading

Junk Mail is NOT Junk

Remember direct mail? Yeah, you know, that stuff that comes in paper envelopes from the mail man? Some call it “Junk Mail.” But, it’s not junk at all. As an email marketer, you should never throw away the direct mail … Continue reading

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