Staying on Good Terms With Recipients

Email Marketers all share the same fear: what if the recipient flags my email as spam or, worse yet, reports my email to the “abuse” address of their mail server, thus causing me to get blacklisted? While this is a … Continue reading

Free Email Marketing

Free email marketing requires downloading desktop software that allows you to email recipients for free, rather than paying a monthly fee to a web-based email marketing service. When you make the decision to use Email Marketing Pro as your do-it-yourself email marketing … Continue reading

How to add an Unsubscribe Link to Your Message

Email Marketing Pro is able to scan incoming email and check the subject line for the word “UNSUBSCRIBE.”  If the keyword is found in the subject line of the incoming mail, EMP will automatically unsubscribe the contact who sent the … Continue reading

Enterprise Solutions

The original desktop version of Email Marketing Pro ran on a SQL Server Express back end. We quickly realized this was too much for most end users. However, we can still connect Email Marketing Pro to an enterprise database that … Continue reading

Troubleshooting the Email Queue

This article explains the purpose and component parts of the email queue. In addition, it explains how to troubleshoot error messages related to the queue, such as when you receive the message “Failed to queue” in the results window while … Continue reading

Email Validation Software – Email Validator Pro Released!

Email Validator Pro is now available for download. This simple and easy-to-use email validation software verifies the validity email addresses so that you can keep your mailing list clean. This email validation software features simple, intermediate, and advanced email address … Continue reading

Free Email Marketing Templates

When you purchase Email Marketing Pro Small Business, your product comes with free email marketing templates you can use to create professional-looking newsletters or announcements. These templates rely on background images to create their distinct styles. These background images must … Continue reading

I’m getting an error message saying that I cannot import contacts because the file name has spaces in it. There are no spaces.

This is a known bug that’s being fixed, but there is a work around. The issue is that it is mistakenly detecting spaces in the folder name, not the file name. Please move the file to a folder that does … Continue reading

Images not showing up in your emails? Here’s how!

You can create rich, colorful emails by inserting any images you want into your outgoing emails using Email Marketing Pro.  But, you must ensure that the images you are using are hosted on a web server or file server that … Continue reading

Is it possible to import a Microsoft Excel database into Email Marketing Pro?

Yes, but you have to save the file as tab-delimited or comma separated file first. To do this in Excel, choose File–>Save As and select “Tab Delimited” or “Comma Separated” in the “Save As Type” box.  Save the .txt file … Continue reading

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