Release Scheduled August 25th

A release of Email Marketing Pro (free, professional, and small business versions) is scheduled for August 25, 2010 which will provide the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  1. Fix: “This program has stopped working” message occurs when executing the free version, due to SMTPQ Manager reference in the free version
  2. Fix: Import fails if user clicks id field for the header in the data import
  3. Fix: Import fails if spaces are in the folder name (SB Version)
  4. Enhancement: Allow user to import the subscribed field in the import contacts window
  5. Fix: Personalization placeholders sometimes appear in the subject of the email, rather than the body
  6. Fix:  Email field size in CampaignResult table should be 250. Prevents campaign from executing if the email address is longer than 250 characters
  7. Enhancement: Add Browse buttons to Queue Manager to browse to queue directories
  8. Enhancement: Add a check to ensure the queue service was running properly before sending a message (Small Business Version)
  9. Enhancement: Move database to ApplicatoinData folder to prevent Vista Virtual Store from overwriting the new database when EMP is reinstalled.
  10. Enhancement: Ability to copy/paste saved message so that an existing message could be used as template for a new message
  11. Enhancement: Ability to issue TLS command to SMTP Server
  12. Enhancement: Ability to run on 64 bit version of Windows