Retargeting on Facebook

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could retarget your email list on Facebook? This article explains what Facebook Retargeting is and how to do it.

You can create an audience on Facebook by importing their email address, tracking visits to your website, or by their Facebook ids. Then, you can retarget these customers or leads with tailored advertising.

This mode of advertising provides yet another medium to expose your brand or service to current and prospective customers who have already interacted with your website. The main advantage is that it allows you to re-expose your brand and target ads based on the past behaviors of your customers or leads.

Creating an Audience for Retargeting on Facebook

To create your audience, you’ll need to export your contacts from your favorite free email marketing software. Export email addresses only for the purposes of retargeting. Next, you’ll need to import them into Facebook.

1) In Facebook, go to your Ads Manager and click Audiences.

2)Click Create Audience –> Create Custom Audience

3) Facebook will then ask you what type of audience you want to create. Choose customer list.

4) Import the list of email addresses that you’ve exported from your favorite email marketing software.

4 Ways to Use Your Custom Audience in Facebook

Now that you’ve created your custom audience, what now? When retargeting customers and leads on Facebook, here are some potential uses for the custom audience:

1. Create an ad to increase Facebook page likes
2. Extend the reach of your posts
3. Sell a product of interest to them or upgrade a current product
4. Create a “Lookalike audience,” a Facebook retargeting feature that lets you find a new audience with similar characteristics as your current audience.