The Email Marketing Mindset

Did you know:

  •  – 8 out of 10 business professionals check their email as their first task every day
  •  – 67% of those check their email 6 times a day
  •  – Email Marketing earns on average $38 for every $1 invested
  •  – Email Marketing is the most cost-effective approach to building brand awareness and customer loyalty

Taking  full advantage of the rewards of email marketing requires a certain mindset.

There are two keys to developing the right email marketing mindset, and ultimately the right strategy. The keys are:  1) persistence and 2) a giving spirit


Statistics show that the average consumer must be exposed to your brand or offering 6 – 7 times before trusting you enough to make a purchase. It’s all part of the decision-making process that goes into buying anything.  Keep this statistic in mind as you launch your email campaigns.

Rewards may not be instantly noticeable, but the statistics show that persistence pays. Email Marketing is a brilliant and low-cost way to accomplish the goal of exposing the customer to your business the needed 6 – 7 times.

Remember 80/20

The temptation is to think of email marketing as synonymous with advertising. For most small businesses, this is the wrong mindset. Large companies such as Target, WalMart, and Groupon can get away with sending only advertisements because these are well-established brands and that is what the recipient expects to receive from them .

If you have a not-so-well-known brand, only 20% of your emails should take an advertising approach. The other 80% should be dedicated to establishing your presence in the recipient’s mind as a trusted expert, source of information, entertainment, or something else of value to the recipient.

Give your recipients food for thought, a link to your website, and over a period of time, they will visit your site enough and be exposed to your brand enough to be willing to make purchases.

A Giving Spirit

Be patient with your recipients and undertstanding of the fact that it will take them some time after signing up for your newsletter to trust you enough to make a purchase. Give them something of value on a weekly or monthly basis. This can be expert advice, giveaways, or news about updates to your website.

A recipient who trusts your expertise and receives value from your emails will give you trust and value in return.

So, start developing an email marketing strategy today, and ask yourself the crucial question: What’s something of value I can give my recipients for free that will earn their trust and respect for my business?