Top 10 Keywords in Holiday Subject Lines

The holidays are approaching, and you’re sure to find a flurry of marketing emails in your inbox during this busy season.

So how will you stand out from the flurry? To help with your email open rates over the holidays, we’ve conducted a study of the top ten most-opened holiday subject lines and found particular keywords that generate the highest open rates.

Sorry, Frosty, but your name wasn’t on the list this year. But neither was eggnog for some reason.

The top 10 keywords are:
1) New
2) Free
3) Off
4) Sale
5) Now
6) Holiday
7) Save
8) Day
9) More
10) Up To

Of the hundreds of email marketing messages sitting in my inbox last year,  one that definitely got opened was a marketing email from Neflix.  If you’re a Netflix customer, you may have seen it. The subject line reads, “Have an extra DVD rental on us this holiday.”

The subject line stood out, I think, for a number of reasons. The most obvious is that it presented a concise call to action. The strong verb “have” led me to believe, correctly, that if I were to open the email, that I would end up having something of benefit to me. And, it did its job well of creating in me the desire to act: in this case, to open the email. Perhaps, the best holiday strategy is to have a giving spirit and create a sense of urgency.

What subject lines can you think of using these keywords?