Version History

Latest Release: February 23, 2012

  • Fix: now sends in batches of 500 emails to prevent out of memory exceptions
  • Enhancement: Larger import screen that can be re-sized, for bigger spreadsheets
  • Enhancement: Improved SMTP Settings Screen, choose mail server and automatically insert settings with one click
  • Enhancement: Auto track email sending limits for major email service providers

Planned For Next Release

  • Campaign Wizard to streamline setup w/ template chooser and summary options
  • Auto-responder
  • Open and click-through tracking with a ProMail account
  • Download center with a ProMail account
  • Ability to register product to receive more targeted news about upgrades

Previous Releases

  • January 3, 2012
    • Fix: subscribe, bounceback sometimes not properly unsubscribing contacts
    • Fix: Notes field could not be imported or used in personalization of email
    • Enhancement: Added Greek and Arabic encoding
    • Fix: Html and HTML source text box sometimes not resizing properly on new/edit message window
    • Fix: HTML Editor would sometimes become readonly on Windows 7 Home edition
    • Enhancement: Added back the Plain Text editor, by request
    • Fix: The “from” address is no longer stored with the message, but taken dynamically from SMTP Settings
    • Enhancement: Moved folder to just ‘EMP’ for all versions, installation will not overwrite.
    • Enhancement: New setup wizard
    • Enhancement : Support for new monthly plan
    • Enhancement: Getting started tutorial to help with first campaign
    • Enhancement: Buttons for subscribe form and premium template
  • May 17, 2011 –  v 2.4
    • Enhancement – Outbox purges messages if a campaign was unsuccessful, prevent
      duplicate emails from being sent
    • Fix – subscribe feature not functioning correctly
    • Enhancement – added email marketing tools under help
    • Enhancement – added ability to add notes about a contact
    • Enhancement – added custom signature
    • Enhancement – added ability to resize the Groups/Mail pane
    • Fix – free and pro versions not working on 64 bit versions of Windows
    • Fix – import errorrs if someone adds ID field & import error if the import file
      has a space in the file name
    • Enhancement – ability to import subscribed field
    • Fix – personlization fiels sometimes added to subject text box instead of email
    • Fix – mail sending could not issue a TLS command
    • Fix – field size of Campaign Result should be 250
    • Enhancement – check that mail queue is properly installed before sending in Small
      Business version
    • Enhacement – database stored in AppData instead of Program Files directory to prevent
      Vista Virtual Store issues
    • Fix – throttle not working when emails are queued
    • Fix – charaset not added to html source of the outgoing message
    • Fix – queue not installed correctly in small business version if the installation
      program could not access queue folders
  • February 26, 2010 – V 2.2
    • Fix – import files with spaces in the file name cause an exception
    • Fix – email queue not installed properly when user account control is activated
    • Fix – send failures report generates an error when undeliverable directory not found
  • October 20, 2009 – Version 2.1
    • Fix – comma separated imports
    • Enhancement – import functions optimized for faster imports of contacts
    • Enhancement – bulk delete operations optimized
    • Enhancement – more robust HTML editor, fixed installation errors with HTML editor
    • Enhancement – added option not to send campaign to recipient more than once
    • Enhancement – more robust reporting (small business version only)
    • Enhancement – mail queue for faster delivery, mutli-threaded send option (small
      business only)
  • March 15, 2009 – Version 2.0
    • Completely rebuilt on .NET platform with improved interface
  • February 28, 2008 – Version 1.0
    • Original application